Model Agreement

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[Name Partner University,

City, Country,]


And the

University of Haifa,

Haifa, Israel,




The [Name Partner University], represented by [TITLE & NAME(S)], who is (are) fully authorized to execute this agreement in his/her (/their respective) position(s) as [FILL IN POSITION(S)],





The University of Haifa, Israel, represented by Professor Aaron Ben-Ze’ev, Professor David Faraggi and Professor Michal Yerushalmy, who are fully authorized to execute this Agreement in their respective positions as President, Rector and Vice President & Dean of Research,


(hereinafter referred to collectively as the “Parties” or individually as the “Party”),



the Parties have decided to enter into this Framework of Academic Collaboration (the “Agreement”) in order to promote, facilitate and consolidate international cooperation in education and research, based on the principles of reciprocity and mutual benefit.

Decide as follows:



Article 1. Areas of Cooperation


The areas of cooperation shall include, subject to mutual consent, any activity or program at either institution as considered feasible and desirable on either side in order to foster and develop the cooperative academic relationship between the two parties.



Article 2. Modes of Cooperation


The implementation of research and study programs determined in conformity with Article 1 may be carried out through the joint realization of research projects and teaching programs at the location of both Parties, according to the modalities specified in Article 4 of this Agreement.


More specifically, the Parties agree to the following modes of cooperation:


·         Exchange of scholars

·         Joint research projects

·         Joint teaching and/or supervision of students

·         Joint participation in workshops and/or conference days

·         Student mobility and prospective exchange of students (as may be mutually agreed upon)

·       Participation of students in Study Abroad programs hosted by each institution

Article 3. Liaison


The Parties will appoint a faculty member as coordinator of the activities entailed in this general framework agreement who will also be responsible for facilitating and maintaining communication with the other Party for that purpose.



Article 4. Specific Cooperation Agreements


Nothing in this Framework Agreement shall be construed as creating any legal or financial relationship or commitment between the two Parties.


The terms of collaboration and the necessary funding for each program and activity shall be mutually negotiated, discussed and agreed upon in writing by both Parties in separate specific cooperation agreements prior to the initiation of any particular program or activity. Each institution will designate a lead coordinator for the activities or programs of potential cooperation that may form the basis for specific cooperation agreements to be executed between the parties.


Besides implementation modalities specifying academic, organizational, technical and financial aspects, specific cooperation agreements shall contain terms relating to intellectual property rights and procedures for publication etc.    




Article 5. Principles


All participants will be treated in the same non-discriminatory manner in carrying out the provisions of the agreement, subject to the provisions of the policies and requirements of each of the institutions.




Article 6. Terms of Cooperation


6.1       Duration

This Framework Agreement shall commence on the later of the two dates of signature of the parties, this being the date when both parties have duly accepted the conditions laid down in this Agreement. The Agreement shall be in force for five (5) years with automatic prolongation for the following five (5) years subject to the right of early termination for convenience pursuant to section 6.3 below.


6.2       Amendments

Any amendment and/or modification of the Framework Agreement will require written approval of both Parties and shall be appended hereto.


6.3       Termination for convenience

Either Party reserves the right to terminate this Agreement at any time, for any or no reason, subject to ninety (90) days prior written notice to the other party hereto. Any program or activity that has already commenced pursuant to specific cooperation agreements executed between the parties hereto, if executed, shall survive termination of this Agreement and be completed to the best of both parties’ abilities pursuant and subject to the terms of the relevant specific cooperation agreement.






Date: ______________________





[Partner University]




[title and name signatory]





[title and name signatory]





[title and name signatory]




Date:   ________________________





University of Haifa



       Mr. Amos Shapira





       Prof. David Faraggi





    Prof. Michal Yerushalmy

     Vice President & Dean of Research