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michal yerushalmy

Professor Michal Yerushalmy
Vice President and Dean of Research

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Room: 2115

Welcome to our Portal!

Our primary mission at the Research Authority is to help our scientists and scholars maximize their research potential through the acquisition of research funding. Our main task is then also twofold: to promote high quality research and to provide our faculty members with optimal support and encouragement as they vie for successful grants.

The Research Authority provides the infrastructure and runs the entire logistics that underpin the University's research needs, both those of individual scientists and those of the currently 65 research centers and institutes active today under its aegis.

The Research Authority encourages the establishment of new research centers, in particular where the synergy created by interdisciplinary approaches promises to result in innovative cutting-edge science.

Similarly, a central facet of our overall endeavor to enhance the University's science profile is the networking we maintain with other academic institutions and research centers in Israel and abroad. We currently run more than 100 academic agreements with universities from virtually all parts of the globe.

More specifically, the Research Authority pursues the following objectives:

  • To trace new funding sources and disseminate all relevant up-to-date information on-line to the scholars and scientists involved
  • To map the University's research faculty and centers according to research interests and so facilitate optimal matching with outside research foundations
  • To provide extra incentives (e.g., internal research grants) for both early-career and established scholars to submit research proposals
  • To administer and supervise the internal and external research budgets of all the research projects our scholars and scientists are involved in at any given time.

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